The Venezuelan cuisine can be included in the South American cuisine, or in the Caribbean one. The Venezuelan “Arepas” is exactly like the Dominican Coconut Pudding. The main ingredient used in preparing this pudding is the corn flour. The Venezuelan “Arepas” are usually served for breakfast or as an accompaniment for certain principal dishes. The “Arepas” is a substitute of bread. The “Cachapa” is a delicious pancake made of sweet corn flour served as a snack. The Venezuelan “Cachapa” are usually served with “Queso Quvanes”, which is a white cheese from an eastern region of Venezuela, named Guyana. The black beans are named “Caraotas” in the Venezuelan language. The “Caraotas” is the most popular ingredient for the Venezuelan dishes. Usually the black beans are prepared as a stew and for soups. “Carne Mechada” is a traditional Venezuelan meat dish being fried stringy beef. The “Pabellon” is made of rice, fried or stewed “Caraotas”, fried ripe plantain and “Carne Mechada”. The Venezuelan cuisine includes also seafood dishes but mostly on the coast. Along the Caribbean coastline, red snappers, trout and piranha are cooked in delicious fish dishes. Rice with shellfish or avocado stuffed with shrimps are popular seafood dished in Venezuela. The Roast Chicken, named “Pollo Asado” is very popular all over Venezuela. In Venezuela some foods may have different names. For example, the bananas are called “cambur”, the croissants are called “cachito”, the fruit shake is named “batido” and cakes are called “tortas”. The Venezuelan cuisine is pretty similar to the Dominican one.

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