A delicious Venezuelan dessert is the corn pancakes. These types of pancakes are made of tender corn kernels, salt, milk, sugar and eggs. First step is to mix all the ingredients into a blender until the mix becomes thick. Next step is to obtain the shape of a pancake. After that, the pancakes have to be cooked on a medium heat for about one minute on both sides. These tasteful Venezuelan corn pancakes are served hot and usually with feta cheese. The creamed rice named “Arroz conLeche” is made of rice, water, milk, cinnamon sticks, sugar, salt and one peel of lemon. First thing, the rice has to be washed under cold water then put into a pot with water and boiled until it is getting soft. Next step is adding the milk, the cinnamon sticks and the lemon peel and to boil them too. Finally the sugar has to be added and cook for another half an hour and add also some salt too. This dish is served chilled in a deep glass and sprinkled with cinnamon powder.And finally the sugar cookies is bake by ARINA.Arina is (flower) .So you get a bowl then mix it with milk then put it in the oven for fifteen minutes and when its done you could decorated with icing or sprikles.the polvorones are like powder all over it its simiallar like a doughtnut but its not los polvorones are much softer like a torta de jojote .Torta de jojote is a cake made out of corn.And finally custard pudding is like a little hard and soft.In some country they call it flan.

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