The “Hallaca” is a mixture of beef, pork, capers, raisins and olives which are bounded within a banana leaf. This is the main Venezuelan Christmas dinner dish and usually it’s prepared only in that time of the year. It is considered the most representative culinary icon of Venezuela. The preparation of the “Hallaca” consists in extending a plantain leaf greased with oil and corn dough, which is then sprinkled with pieces of stewed meat, raisins, nuts, pepper and boiled eggs. It’s wrapped and boiled in water .After it’s done, it can be frozen and it will maintain fresh for several weeks. “Pabellon criollo” is another Venezuelan traditional dish, a plate with rice, shredded beef, tajadas and black beans. “Chivo en coco” which is translated Goat with coconut is a well known meat dish. The goat meat is cut into small pieces and rolled, mixed with eggs and then put inside the coconut and fried. Another typically dish for the Venezuelan cuisine is the “sancocho” which is a meat and vegetable stew usually served with “arepas” and toasted cassava. Venezuelan sandwiches can be made of boneless pork, onion, jar pimiento, parsley, canola oil and pepper. It’s a mixture of all this ingredients and some of them need to be roasted.

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