A popular Venezuelan snack is the Venezuelan Cocoa Nibs roasted. They are like the beer nuts but caramelized and spiced with sea salt and Chipotle Chile. This is the perfect snack to serve between meals or right after dinner, when serving a beer. The “Arepas” are the Venezuelan wafer pancakes filled with almost everything, depending on tastes and preferences. The Venezuelans are usually serving it with butter and a hint of cheese. The “Arepas” are made of white corn flour, mixed with water and fried in a skillet. The special flavor comes from the flour. The ”Tequenos” is another delicious Venezuelan snack that is made of flour, vegetable oil, eggs, salt , sugar and “queso blanceo” . The flour, oil, eggs, salt and sugar are combined in a bowl and while kneadingthe water has to be added. The mixture doesn’t have to be sticky and it has to be let to rest for about an hour. Meanwhile the cheese has to be cut into strips, which will be sealed in the dough. This Venezuelan snack isn’t difficult to prepare and it has a great taste. The “Tostone” is another Venezuelan snack that is similar to the potato chips but they are made from sliced plantains.

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