The typically Venezuelan “Black Beans and Rice” dish is made of onions, celery, red pepper, white rice, vegetable broth, turmeric, oregano, salt, eggs, black beans, lemon wedge and Tabasco. First thing to do in order to obtain the right result is to saute the onion. Next step is adding the celery, the bell pepper and rice and cook until the rice turns pale .After all the ingredients are put together you can top it with scrambled eggs and sprinkle with red pepper. The Venezuelan “Black Beans and Rice” dish is usually served with lemon juice and Tabasco. For the Venezuelan Avocado Salsa, named “Salsa Guasacaca”, the main ingredients are: mango , avocado , carrot , onion , celery , the juice from one lemon , garlic , cilantro , pepper , cumin and salt . All the ingredients have to be mixed together and refrigerated for several hours to allow the flavor to blend. It can be served with chips, carrots and celery sticks. The Venezuelan Eggplant with Green Beans is another delicious vegetarian dish made of eggplants, olive oil, chopped garlic, shiitake mushrooms, green beans, tomatoes, salt, ground pepper, cilantro leaves and fresh parsley leaves.

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