The Vietnamese Shrimp on Crab Legs is made of crab legs, shrimp paste, vegetable oil, garlic clove, fresh hot red chili pepper, granulated sugar, fresh lime, fish sauce and water. The crab legs are boiled for about ten minutes, then drained and the claws are removed from the crab. The crab will be baked in a preheated oven. It is served with “Nuoc Cham” and watercress. “Ga Xao Xa Ot” means Chicken in Lemon Grass and Chili and it’s made of chicken, a large onion, salt, ground chili, granulated sugar, cup water, garlic cloves, vegetable oil, lemongrass, fish sauce and caramel sauce. The chicken needs to be washed and cut into small pieces and the garlic and onion prepared to be fried in a frying pan with heated oil. At the end the chicken, fish sauce, lemon grass, sugar, caramel and a cup of water are added. The Vietnamese Lamb in Hot Garlic Sauce is another delicious meat dish made of spinach, vegetable oil, lean lamb, garlic, ground white pepper, sugar, fish sauce, mint and cilantro. The lamb is fried in oil for about two minutes, and then the garlic, pepper, sugar, fish sauce and the oyster sauce are added. The lamb should be cooked until is well done.

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