“Banh Dua Ca Ra Men” means Coconut Flan with Caramel and it’s a tasteful Vietnamese snack made of sugar, water, coconut milk, eggs and vanilla extract. First the caramel is prepared from the sugar which is cooked in a saucepan until it becomes brown, and then some water is added. The mixture will be boiled until the sugar is completely dissolved. The coconut milk, the milk and the sugar are mixed in a saucepan at low heat until the sugar is dissolved completely. This will make the custard. The vanilla and the eggs are mixed in a large bowl and hot coconut milk is poured over them. The Vietnamese Coconut Rice Pudding is made of grain pudding rice, coconut milk, milk, sugar, butter, ground star anise and fresh fruits. The rice, milk, coconut milk, lime and sugar will form a mixture which is poured in a bowl with its surface doted with some butter. After it bakes for some minutes, discard the lime and stir the pudding well while adding a bit of ground star anise. Bake it until all the milk is absorbed and it forms a golden brown skin. The pudding is served with fresh fruits.

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