Most Vietnamese soups are made of noodles with meat cubes and many ingredients like: bean sprouts, cilantro, chili pepper, lime and green onions. The Vietnamese soups are usually spiced with fish sauce and chili-garlic sauce. The Vietnamese “Pho” is very popular even in the United States. The ingredients of this soup are: water, beef bones, anise star, cinnamon sticks, rock sugar, beef soup, “pho hoa”, “pho flavour” and cilantro seeds. The bones are boiled in water for about one hour and when done, the water is kept and the bones are thrown away. The noodles need to be cooked and the onions chopped. Last step is to add the noodles and onions in a bowl with the cooked meat. “Tom Yam Goong” is another delicious soup. The main ingredients of this soup are: water, lemon grass, Thai chili, Serrano chili, lime juice, fish sauce, tomato, salt, and cilantro and “pak chee farang”. The lemon grass, the line leaves, the shallot, the chili and the shrimp are added in a bowl with boiling water. After about two minutes, the straw mushrooms, lime juice, fish sauce, tomato and salt are added and cooked until the water is heated.

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