The Welsh cuisine is based on the local ingredients – lamb meat is very popular and that’s why most of the dishes contain lamb but also beef and dairy cattle. The beef and cattle can be found in abundance in Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire regions. These ingredients can be found fresh, ready to be cooked or already cooked. The Welsh traditional cheeses are being used in salads, in preparing snacks, pies and even cakes. There are over 20 vineyards in Wales; in many traditional Welsh dishes vine is being used to give a unique flavor to the food and can be served during the meals because it’s healthy in small amounts, helping the digestion. There are several food festivals in Wales, where all the framers are presenting the organic products cultivated by them in the old traditional way. The Welsh food includes a unique element, the sweet bread. The stew and leeks, pork meatball, or the Welsh rarebit (a toast with cheese and butter) are just a few other traditional dishes. The traditional Welsh recipes are mixing carefully the ingredients. Most of the Welsh dishes are made of natural ingredients without chemicals, that’s why they are so fresh, tasty and healthy. Most of the land in Wales is not arable, that is why every peace of arable land is appreciated and well taken care of. The Wales cuisine is a healthy one because it is based on natural products.

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