Courting cakes, caramel squares or Welsh tea cakes are just some delicious Welsh desserts. The courting cake won’t take more than 20-25 minutes to prepare it. The ingredients of this cake are strawberries, superfine sugar, some butter and milk, 4 eggs, flour and 3 spoons of milk. The oven should be pre-heated; the butter is mixed with the sugar until it becomes fluffy. Next step is adding the eggs, the flour and the milk and using the strawberries for decoration. This Courting Cake is ideal dessert for the summertime because it’s pretty light and if it’s kept in the fridge for about 2 - 3 hours it will be refreshing just like a fruit ice cream. The Welsh caramel squares are usually served in cafes with coffee or tea. The preparation takes only 15 minutes but the baking takes around an hour. These delicious Welsh caramels have chocolate topping and they are sweetened with condensed milk and flavored with vanilla essence. Usually most Welsh desserts taste great eaten hot or cold. The welsh tea cakes, called “teisen lap”, meaning plate cake, taste even better with some butter on it. A heavy traditional iron pan is necessary to give the right shape to these Welsh tea and coffee cakes.

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