The Welsh meat dishes are usually made after old recipes. These types of dishes are high in proteins. The Welsh Chicken, leek and broccoli casserole is well known for its delicious taste and it is also easy to prepare. The chicken will be well cooked and cut in two pieces, the leeks and broccoli will simmer for 5 minutes, after that they will be put into a preheated oven. Welsh meat dishes are based on a lot of bacon, lamb, pork meat, fish and beef. The Lamb Steaks with redcurrant glaze are representative for the Welsh cuisine and their preparation takes only about 50 minutes. To prepare Welsh Lamb Steaks, the lamb needs to be cooked in a heated olive oil with some garlic and rosemary and placed in the oven. It’s recommended to drain off any fat excess and to boil the meat in red vine so the meat will get a great flavor. Welsh meat dishes are very consistent, giving a good amount of energy. Usually, Welsh meat dishes are sprinkled with lemon juice.

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