Welsh snacks are usually consumed before an important meal, like appetizers. The Welsh traditional cuisine contains hundreds of Welsh recipe snacks. Snacks are eaten between the three meals of the day or when replacing dinner for example, because they are light dishes. One of the most popular Welsh snacks is the Tomato Rarebit, which is an easy snack to prepare; the main ingredients are the tomatoes. Following the recipe, a mixture is being obtained which will be served hot on a toast. Cheese needs to be mixed with eggs, cayenne and salt. The Welsh Rarebit Rolls is another well known snack which is a little bit spicy because of the garlic, black pepper and onions. These ingredients needs to be coked at 200 ° C /180 ° C in a preheated oven and afterwards toped with cheese. This snack in particular is rich in fibers, giving a plus of energy. Welsh snacks can be served hot or cold. The Welsh snacks are easy to prepare and the time preparation is quite short if you follow the recipe. If you don’t have the right ingredients you always can use substitutes that will not modify the taste.

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