The Welsh soups are made after old, traditional recipes; some of these recipes were even kept secret in the past. The Welsh soups are usually served at lunch time and they have a unique taste because the ingredients are fresh and natural. The Welsh national dish is named Cawl, a tasteful soup which contains the only two vegetables that where allowed to be cultivated in Wales during the 10th century, cabbage and leek. Welsh tomato and apple soup is another representative dish for the Welsh cuisine having a wonderful combination of flavors. The soup will result as a cream and it can be served hot garnished with chives or chilled. Welsh Granny Broth is another traditional dish made after a classic recipe. It’s a consistent and tasty dish with loads of ingredients like bacon, leeks, parsnips, onions and many more. It can be prepared one day ahead, it will stay fine in the refrigerator and it will be heated before serving. A soup is tastier if it is rich in ingredients and this Welsh traditional dish is in particularly rich in proteins and vitamins.

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