As we all know some people don’t like to eat meat from different reasons. Hundred of years before, in Wales, lamb for example was difficult to find, that’s why it was very expensive. There were farmers who had pigsties near the house but for that they needed extra money. On the other hand, Welsh vegetarian food has an excellent taste and less difficult to prepare. The Welsh cuisine contains some fine recipes for this kind of food. One of those is the Glamorgan vegetarian sausages. These Welsh vegetarian sausages are made after a traditional recipe. They are easy to prepare and the main ingredients are the cheese and the mustard that is adding a spicy flavor. The Glamorgan sausages can be served with some potatoes or a salad. Leek and Potato Pie is another Welsh specialty. The only thing that makes it different from a pie is the main ingredient, the potatoes. The potatoes will be sliced thinly and layers of potatoes and leeks are created. The Wels vegetarian cuisine is very appreciated especially of those who want to stay fit.

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