History of Chinese white tea

White tea has one of the shortest histories when compared to other tea types. Created in Fuding county in 1796, white tea was first collected to make silver tip white tea. The "Big White Tea" variety was also created in Fuding in 1857. Tea farmers started planting white tea beginning from 1889. White peony tea followed in 1922 and was created in the Shuijie( Jianyang county). White tea was first exported in 1891 and equaled black tea and oolong tea in popularity even in western countries. Let’s have a look at the main white tea branches:

Silver Tip white tea – this top grade tea is plucked by farmers when the buds are ready to open. The silver hair covering the buds gave this tea its name. It is aromatic and enchanting.

White Peony tea is also known as "Pai Mu Dan". It is harvested from the leaves and buds that are left after silver tea is collected. It has a bolder aroma and the tea color is darker.

White peony tea is made from the buds and leaves that remain after the famous silver tip white tea has been harvested. Its sweet and mild, yet very full-bodied. The cup color is darker and the aroma bolder, the natural sweetness clearly identifies the close relationship to the silver tip white tea. white peony tea

Big white: the white tea made from fresh tea leaves plucked from "Big White Tea" variety.

Narcissus White Tea: white tea made from fresh tea leaves plucked from the "narcissus white" variety.

Vegetable white tea: white tea made from fresh tea leaves plucked from "vegetable white" variety.

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