The Yemeni appetizers are not necessarily salty, as many of them can be sweet, to start the appetite. The sweet taste of the Yemeni meal is given not only by sugar, but also by the spices: cinnamon is used for meats and not for desserts. The Yemeni appetizers are made with lamb, eggs or different veggies. The foul and fatah is a famous appetizer, made with eggs, tomatoes and onions. This meal also has another variant, which includes honey and butter coated fattah, but this is sweet and it is also served as a dessert. Fatah can also be prepared with lamb, which is a more consistent appetizer. Other appetizers can be the saltas, witch are prepared with chicken meat or the roasted lamb (sometimes using the charcoal fire) and also served as a main dish. The Yemeni appetizers tend to make customers full, as they are delicious and consistent and have various flavors.

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