The Yemeni desserts are made with honey, like the honey cake (bint al sahn). The honey cake includes active yeast, flour, eggs, ghee, melted butter and warm honey as a topping. The teas and coffees are very famous in Yemen and they include original flavors, usually sweet, like ginger (qishir coffee). Another famous coffee is the mocha matari, which is original from the rugged mountains of Yemen. It is believed that this coffee has a special power, as it is one of the oldest coffees in the world. Mocha matari is known for a winy flavor, with a chocolate smoothness and a sharp acidity. Besides these, raisins are a Yemeni and favorite ingredient for the desserts. Milk is alng, fried dough, different nuts for the dessert recipes and a lot of fruit juices are the most common sweet meals.

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