The Yemeni snacks are similar to the appetizers: fatah prepared with eggs, lamb, vegetables or sweet, with honey and butter, but also salta and roasted lamb or chicken. Besides these, the favorite local snacks are the dumplings, made with various ingredients. There is also some snack typical for the Arabian people, like the dukkah, which is served with sliced tomatoes, balls of cheese or instead of the pitas. The Yemeni beans are different that the usual ones and can be integrated in many simple snacks. The falafel, which has an unknown origin, is considered the Arabian French fry and it is served as a side dish for shawarma or as a part of the mezze meal. Other snacks can be the saltas, witch are prepared with chicken meat or the roasted lamb (sometimes using the charcoal fire) and also served as a main dish. the Yemeni snacks are representative for the Yemeni cooking, very simple, that includes herbs, vegetables, lamb, eggs, rice and beans.

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