The vegetarian meals are very accessible, due to the fact that Yemen people use a wide range of vegetables and greens and lack dough meals with milk or animal fat. A famous vegetarian recipe is the baked guavas with mushrooms and olives. Guavas, aborigines, tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, melon, lemon and the very popular eggplant are used a lot in the Yemeni vegetarian cuisine. The aubergine salad with currants, the tomatoes and coriander salad (banadura salata b'kizbara) are very popular, especially if they are covered in the spicy traditional sauce. The large amounts of rice that are eaten in the Yemen meals is benefic for the vegetarians in this country, as rice can be easily assorted with veggies, greens and especially spices. In the salads, not much meat is included, only sometimes chicken or fish. These removed from the salads and these would still taste good, as they are complex, with many ingredients and spices.

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