Appetizers are not very common in the Zambian cuisine. They are served especially on special occasions such as weddings or other celebrations. However, there are some delicious and easy to cook appetizers recipes like the Asparagus starter (seasoned with garlic and Tabasco sauce) or the Quick tuna starter (decorated with lemon slices and lettuce leaves). Binch akara is another Zambian appetizer that consists of black eyed peas, onion and oil and that can be served using toothpicks. A very special Zambian appetizer is Koeksisters, made from flour, sugar, eggs, cinnamon, butter and spices. In the traditional Zambian cuisine, there are some unusual appetizers served as delicacies at celebrations. The main ingredients in some of these appetizers are the large Marcotermes termites. They are dried in the sun and then fried in a pan and served with Nshima or as appetizers. Other insects eaten as appetizers in Zambia are the wild bee larvae. They are dried, fried with salt and then dried again.

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