The Zambian Desserts are delicious and tasty. Desserts are not a part of the every day meal in Zambia, but they are always served at celebrations or when the family is receiving visits from important guests. Below you can see some of the Zambian recipes for desserts.

Sweet potato pudding is a very popular dish all over Zambia. The main ingredients are milk, eggs, sweet potatoes, coconut, sugar and baking powder.

Golabjamoun is another Zambian dessert based on sweet potatoes. The other ingredients are milk, flour, sugar and cinnamon.

Iro ngade is an easy and tasty dessert. It is made using bananas, potatoes, maize, peas and pumpkin.

Raw fruits are also considered desserts in Zambia. Among these fruits, the most popular are bananas, avocado, paw-paw, mango and groundnuts.

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