The meat dishes are usually served at dinner time, together with the popular Nshima dish. These meat dishes are called Ndiwa and they are often cooked from domestic and wild meats that include beef, goat, mutton, deer, buffalo, elephant, warthog, wild pig, mice, rabbits or hare, antelope, turtle, alligator or crocodile, monkey. Monkey meat is prepared fresh in rural areas. It is also smoked to preserve it and allow it to be sent to market in the cities. A common sight along rural roads is smoked whole monkeys for sale, tales tied to heads to make carrying handles. Monkey meat is often prepared in a tomato sauce or tomato-peanut sauce. Some of the Ndiwa recipes are presented below:

Beef and greens in peanut sauce is a delicious meat dish made with palm oil, beef stew meat, peanut butter, lots of greens (cassava, kale, collard greens, turnip greens) and cayenne pepper or red pepper.

Wild boar in groundnut sauce is an exotic dish. Its ingredients include wild boar meat, pepper, onion, tomatoes, peanut butter and oil. Another exotic meat recipe is tiger fish with spring greens, tomato, onions and garlic. It is a great recipe to try when you want to impress your guests.

Samoosa is a great traditional dish. It is prepared using minced meat, spices, flour, oil and salt.

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