Snacks are very popular in Zambia and people eat them at any time during the day. The most common snacks are fruits, but there are also some recipes for cooked snacks. Many of these snack foods are deep-fried, while the typical Zambian main-course is most likely to be stewed in a pot. Some of them are listed below. i need a good resipie

Chimpapila is a very tasty Zambian snack. Its preparation time can stretch from 30 minutes to 2 hours and it takes about 30 minutes to cook. Its main ingredients are beans, kidney leaves and groundnuts.

Pumpkin leaves Chibwabwa is a snake that has a quick preparation and cooking time. It is made using chibwabwa and groundnuts.

Koki is a popular snack all over Zambia. It is made from cowpeas (niebe or black-eyed peas) or other beans (haricots). Koki can also be made from cocoyam (taro) tubers which are cleaned, peeled and grated and substituted for the beans. Crushed dried fish or shrimp are often added along with the red palm oil. To make the most authentic Koki, red palm oil is essential as it gives the beans the right flavour and colour.

Cowpea leaves is a quick and tasty snack very enjoyed by most Zambians. You have to boil the cowpea leaves until they are tender, add some groundnuts, season and serve.

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