Because people are so poor in this country, they often have to eat dishes that do not contain meat. This is why there are many vegetarian recipes in the Zambian cuisine. Green vegetables include domestic or garden grown like collard greens, known as rape in Zambia, cabbage, pumpkin and squash leaves, pea leaves, cassava leaves, bean leaves, kabata leaves. There are numerous wild green vegetables that include katambalala, chekwechekwe, katate, lumanda, and numerous others, which are all, referred to by the very well known generic name of delele or thelele among people of Eastern Zambia.

Collard Green Leaves with Peanut Powder is one of the most popular Ndiwo dishes. This recipe is used for cooking the majority of the many green leaf vegetables including squash or pumpkin leaves, bean and pea leaves, cassava leaves, and wild mushrooms.

Matoke, as prepared and served in the eastern African countires of Uganda, Kenya and Tanznia are not grown or eaten in Zambia and do not, therefore, make up any portion of Zambian cuisine

Pumpkin leaves with peanuts are delicious dishes served mostly in the central regions of Zambia. If you want to cook this recipe, the secret is to use pumpkin leaves that are young, yet fully developed. Other ingredients of this dish are tomatoes, peanuts and onion.

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