This is kind of weird. I came searching for Jordanian recipes, and there are some odd items listed here. I understood the confusion when I saw the Jordan Marsh muffins -- sound like it's from Jordan, I can see that. Jordan Marsh muffins are actually from Boston, but okay, I get the mix-up. Now, upon closer inspection, I'm noticing Red Velvet Cake (an American invention, I'm pretty sure), a Mud pie made mostly of ice cream and oreos (not items that one traditionally associates with the middle east), some other oreo based cake and a chocolate chip cheesecake with "Jordan's Favorite" in the title. I think we can safely assume that we aren't talking about the country of Jordan being hot for Chocolate Chip Cheesecake. Maybe the curds are right, but I didn't think Blackberry's even grew in the middle east. Overall, it's a very strange collection. I wish I could offer some real Jordanian recipes, but unfortunately that's what I came here for, and I don't trust any of the recipes I've found here to be authentic (unless I'm really guessing wrong about the whole Oreo thing, maybe Oreo's really are the cat's meow in Jordan).--Hoogamagoo 00:27, 23 February 2009 (UTC)

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