Green cerignola

Green cerignolas

Black cerignola

Black cerignolas

About Cerignola Edit

Natives of southeastern Italy, these crisp, delicate bright-green fruits bring the full, unparalleled flavor to our shores. They go well with goat cheese and make an excellent martini olive, but they are still preferred them as single dish, as the quintessential healthy snack food. A special dish is made of red, green, and black Cerignola olives marinated in olive oil seasoned with rosemary. A large oval shaped olive produced in southern Italy that can be either black or bright green in color, depending on maturity. In order to keep the quality high, the olive is hand-picked. It is brine-cured with a small amount of vinegar creating a slightly sweet flavor. The green variety has a firmer-textured meat while the black variety has a softer, but more flavorful meat. It is most often served as an hors d'oeuvre or snack with cheese. They have to be consumes fresh and only when they are young otherwise they will not have a tasty flavor. Before cooking these olives they have to be cured and cleaned in order to preserve their healthy qualities and their nutrients. Cerignola Olives are a very meaty olive and bright green in color. These Italian olives have a sweet flavor.

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