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Ceylon spinach

Name Variations[]

  • Malabar spinach
  • saan choy
  • slippery vegetable
  • alogbati
  • mong toi
  • Vietnamese spinach
  • Waterleaf

About Ceylon spinach[]

Wikipedia Article About Ceylon spinach on Wikipedia

Basella alba is a perennial vine, popular as a leaf vegetable in many tropical regions, and only distantly related to spinach. It has been introduced to the English-speaking world under many different names, including Malabar spinach, Ceylon spinach, Indian spinach, East-Indian spinach, Surinam spinach, Chinese spinach, Malabar nightshade, broad bologi, and vine spinach.

It is a fast-growing vine, reaching 10 meters in length. Its thick, semi-succulent, heart-shaped leaves have a mild flavor and mucilaginous texture. Typical of leaf vegetables, it is high in vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, and calcium. It is low in calories by volume, and high in protein per calorie. The succulent mucilage is a particularly rich source of soluble fiber.

Among many other possibilities, Malabar spinach may be used to thicken soups or stir-fried with garlic and chile peppers.

A broad-leafed variety of spinach that is grown in Far Eastern countries for the shoots and leaves of the plant. Dark green in color with numerous ribs through the leaf, Malabar spinach has a slimy consistency when cooked, resulting in it being referred to as slippery vegetable. It is cooked like other spinach greens and provides a rich earthy flavor as well as being rich in minerals, proteins, and vitamins. It is also referred to as Alogbati, Ceylon spinach, saan choy, mong toi, Indian spinach, and vine spinach.

Ceylon spinach Recipes[]