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Ingredients Edit

For dough:

For syrup:

  • a piala of honey
  • 2-4 table-spoon of Sugar.

For frying:

Directions Edit

  1. Eggs, sugar and butter are thoroughly mixed. Salt, milk or water are added, flour is poured in and a stiff dough is quickly kneaded. It is left for 40 minutes, then rolled in a thin layer about 4 mm thick. Then strips 15 mm long and 4 mm thick are cut across the layer. These peculiar noodles are fried in boiling melted butter to a golden colour, thrown down on a sieve and the melted butter is left to trickle down.
  2. Honey with sugar are boiled away until a drop of honey dropped into water does not dissolve but hardens in the form of a bead. In this syrup chak-chak is dropped, all this is thoroughly mixed and laid out in oiled plates shaping it like a hillock.


A piala is a small bowl used in Central Asia for drinking tea and other beverages.

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