Charentais melon

Charentais melon

Name variations Edit

  • French breakfast melon
  • French melon

About Charentais melon Edit

Charentais melons are a particular variety of cantaloupe. They are described as having orange, sugary and fragrant flesh which makes it popular both as a dessert or main course. They have smooth gray-green rinds and very fragrant orange flesh. They keep well when stored in a cool, dry place and ripen after several days in a warm room.

A member of the muskmelon family this melon has a round cantaloupe-like shape and size with a grayish-green rind that covers a sweet orange colored, juicy flesh. As it matures, the rind begins to lose the grey coloring and is replaced by a warm yellowish tone. It is a fruit that is native to France and considered to be very flavorful and aromatic, often used as a dessert. To check for ripeness, depress the blossom end of the melon, opposite the stem end, to make sure it is not hard and yields slightly when depressed.

Charentais Recipes Edit

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