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Oldchazman: As with all cheese balls, choice of ingredients is optional and flexible. Heat can be added in the form of a dash of hot sauce or cayenne pepper (according to taste) mixed first with the softened cream cheese to avoid hot spots. The Dijon mustard can be decreased to 1 tablespoon if you prefer, although this is the source of some of the 'tang' in this cheese ball. Be careful with the Worchestershire sauce as too much will leave you with a Worchestershire cheese ball. I've also added a teaspoon of prepared horseradish to add 'interest' to the creation. You may also safely omit the onion - just remember to keep the 'overall' seasonings high enough to make the final results 'interesting.'

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  1. Combine all 8 ingredients, mix until well blended (the closer everything is to room temperature, the easier and more successful this will be - but remember, there is no need to overprocess since a homogeneous cheese ball will lack interest).
  2. Chill in plastic wrap several hours.
  3. Coat lightly with finely chopped pecans or roll in parsley, chopped freeze-dried chives, or dill weed as preferred.
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