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  • Source: Microwave Know How
  • Serves 4 to 6

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  1. Wrap 6 tortillas in a damp paper towel.
  2. Sandwich between two salad plates and microwave on high 45 seconds.
  3. Place ⅓ cup cheese and a sprinkle of onions on each tortilla and roll up.
  4. Place seam side down in a 2 quart rectangular dish.
  5. Repeat for remaining tortillas.
  6. Pour enchilada sauce over all.
  7. If using chili hot dog sauce, microwave on high 3 minutes so it will pour over enchiladas.
  8. Sprinkle with any remaining cheese and onions.
  9. Cover and microwave on medium (70%) power for 5 to 6 minutes.

Note Edit

If making half of a recipe, microwave on 70% power for 3 minutes.

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