Chicken is one of the main ingredients in Sri Lankan cuisine and there is a countless number of local recipes with chicken being the Main element of the dish. The Kalu Pol chicken curry is one of the most loved and a common dish that is made in Sri Lankan households. The succulent meat when cooked combining with a variety of spices and coconut milk produces a heavenly aroma that will make you crave for more. The Chicken Kalu Pol Curry is even served at high-end hotels the likes of Berjaya Hotel Colombo and it is certainly a must try dish during your time in Sri Lanka. if you don’t have the possibility of visiting the country, here is the recipe for this exquisite dish which you can prepare and taste being at the comfort of your home.


·         Chicken                                    200gm

·         Roasted Rice Powder                15gm

·         Garlic                                         15gm

·         Ginger                                       15gm

·         Cinnamon                                  1 Inch

·         Cloves                                       3 Nos

·         Cardamom                                2 Nos

·         Onion                                       15gm

·         Curry Leaves                             10gm

·         Goraka                                     15gm

·         Mustard Powder                        10gm

·         Roasted Curry Powder              10gm

·         Roasted chilli Powder                10gm

·         Green Chilli                               5gm

·         Fenugreek                                 5gm

·         Coconut Milk (1st Extract)          1cup

·         Coconut Milk (2nd Extract)         2cups

·         Sugar                                       10gm

Method Of Preparation

1.     Take equal quantities of roasted grated coconut and rice and grind them into a smooth powder to make the Kalu Pol Mixture. Leave Aside.

2.     Addin all other ingredients with the second extract of coconut milk in a clay pot together with the chicken and mix well adding some water.

3.     Cook for a few minutes until the chicken is tender.

4.     Finally, add in the Coconut milk with the Kalu Pol Mixture and gently simmer till the gravy becomes thick and the meat is thoroughly cooked.

5.     Serve hot with rice .

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