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  1. Microwave the Chicken breasts until fully cooked. Cut into tip of the finger size pieces. Reserve the juice for the first meal. Steam the rice until fully cooked. Combine the Chicken and rice. Add a pinch of salt if you didn't already salt the rice. Add any other seasoning your dog likes. (Ours have severe allergies, so we season with Feverfew.)
  2. When ready to feed the dogs, combine half their recommended kibble with sufficient Chicken/rice mixture to make up about 1/3 their ration. Make up the rest with fat free cottage cheese.
  3. This makes a very low fat diet, typically less than 10%. You can add vegetable fats or oil to improve vitamin absorption, but do be sparing. In the first batch of food, add the cooking juices from the Chicken to the kibble.
  4. This recipe makes enough food for several feedings, so don't put the Chicken drippings in the storage container: it will only hasten spoilage. Also, don't leave the mix down: it will spoil very fast.
  5. We make a batch of Chicken/rice every other day. Our two dogs combined weigh over 200 pounds. If you have one or smaller dogs, you can reduce the recipe. The vets say they have never seen healthier dogs.

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