Chicken in a Pot

Serves 6.

salt And pepper

Chopped Fresh parsley Leaves For Garnish

Put Chicken in a Large Pot, And Add Enough Stock And/Or water to Come About Halfway up Its Sides. Add Onion And, if You're Using Them, The Mushrooms, And Bring to Boil Over High Heat. Partially Cover, And Adjust Heat so Liquid Simmers Gently.

After About 30 Minutes Add Barley And Continue to Cook. The Chicken Will be Done About 30 Minutes Later. (cut Into it to Make Sure; The Juices Will Run Clear, And There Will be Only a Trace of Pink at Leg Joint.) Remove it to a Platter And Keep Warm. Remove Onion, And Discard, Retaining Liquid.

Add green beans, corn And carrots to Pot, With butter And Some salt And pepper, And Raise Heat to High. Cook Until Mixture is Thick And Most of The Visible Liquid Gone. (if This Happens Before Vegetables Are Tender, Add Some water or Stock And Continue.) Carve Chicken, And Serve With Vegetable Mixture. Garnish With parsley.

Nutrition Information Per Serving: Calories 580; Fat 30g; Sodium 222 Mg; Carbohydrates 28g; Including Sat. Fat 10g; Calcium 83 Mg; Protein 48 g Cholesterol 160 mg; Dietary Fiber 7g; diabetic Exchanges Per Serving: 2 Bread/Starch Exch.And 6 Medium-Fat Meat Exch.


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