Chicken With green beans And Cashews

Cooked Mashed potatoes

Finely Chop 1/4 Cup Cashews. Cook beans With 1/2 Tsp salt in Pot of Boiling water Until Tender. Drain, Run Under Cold water. Cook Bacon in Skillet Until Crisp. Drain on Paper Toweling. Pour Off And Reserve Drippings. Combine 2 Tbs flour, 1/2 Tsp salt, thyme And pepper on Wax Paper. Place Chopped Cashews on Another Sheet of Paper. in Pie Plate, Whisk egg With water. Heat 1 Tbs of Bacon Drippings in Same Skillet. Coat Breast in flour Mixture, Dip in egg, Then Coat Top With Chopped Cashews. Repeat With Remaining Chicken.

Saute Chicken, Nut Side Down, in Hot Drippings Until Golden. Turn Over, Saute Until Browned. Remove to Paper Toweling. Heat 1 Tbs Bacon Drippings in Same Skillet. Add Onion, Saute Until Softened. Add Mushrooms And Bacon, Cook Until Slightly Browned. Sprinkle Remaining flour And 1/2 Tsp salt Over Mushrooms, Stir Until flour is Moistened. Pour in Broth, Stirring Until Sauce Comes to Boiling And Thickens. Arrange Chicken Over Top of Sauce in Skillet. Reduce Heat, Cover, Simmer 10 minutes.

Or Until Done. Add beans, Cover And Heat Through. Stir in sour cream, do Not Let Boil. Top With Remaining Cashews. Serve With Mashed potatoes. Makes 4 Servings.*

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