The Chilled Soba Noodle featuring Tofu, Inari bean curd skin and red pepper coulis is a healthy and delicious dish can be tried out at exclusive restaurants by Berjaya Hotels and Resorts. If you simply wish to make this unique dish at home, read onto find out how!

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Img by: K2-Kaji  via Pixabay


80 gm  Soba noodle

160 gm to Soft tofu

30 gm Inari

5 gm Truffle mushroom

10 gm of Bean curd skin

120 gm Red capsicum

20gm Onion

20 gm Garlic

10 ml Vegetable stock

10 ml Olive oil

2 tbsp Chervil

2 gm Salt to taste

Method of Preparation

1.    Cut the tofu into a cube and season with a pinch of salt and 1 piece of Truffle slice.

2.    Blanche the soba noodles and bean curd skin in hot water, strain and put into ice water, then strain again. Allow it to cool.

3.    Cut the Inari in thick julienne and wrap them up in bean curd skin.

4.    For the capsicum puree, sauté the red capsicum with a mix of chopped garlic, onions and olive oil.

5.    Add the vegetable stock and cook till tender and puree it.

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