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Makes 15 pieces

Ingredients Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Mix flour, salt in a pot then slowly add in boiling hot water while stirring .
  2. Add cold water to make it soften/harden the dough. Mix till the dough is smooth
  3. Place a wet towel or clean cloth on the dough and wait for 30 minutes (depends on the room temperature)
  4. Cut 60 grams each a piece of dough and roll into a round shape. Spread sesame oil in the middle and add salt, chopped green onion. Roll up the flat round dough to a tube. Now twirl the tube into a curled up snake and flatten it again with hand only (do not push too hard).
  5. Pour 2 table spoon of cooking oil and heat up the pan.
  6. Place the dough in the pot and heat up both sides till it’s golden brown. Fry one side at a time for about 3 minutes. Again, it all depends on how hot the pan gets.

Warning Edit

  • Everyone should be aware of the danger of splashing oil. Keep yourself within safe distance since a lid is not suggested. By frying without a lid, the pancake will be crispy.
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