Chopped Chicken Livers.

1 Pound-Chicken Livers. 2-Medium size Onions. 1/4 cup Vegetable Oil. 2-teaspoons Salt. 1/2 teaspoon Black Pepper. Some peoples like some hard boiled egg in there chopped but not Lucy now! How you make it. Clean them livers honey good and trim off that there fat. Put those livers and chopped up onion into some nice pan and saute them in that there oil now. Put them there on some medium heat. Don't let those onions brown none you want them to cook until translucent. Salt and pepper them some. Just when it looks like them onions are beginning to brown some you pull that pan off that fire and let it cool down for 1 hours there without touching them. Mmm... they smelling good now! Now you can mix them with some hand chopper or some food processor. You grind them until the texture you like. If using that there processor pulse it some. Don't go full blown with that power of it comes to squishy in texture. Give it a little coarseness now. Refrigerate a few hours now and enjoy

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