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Fried pork chops

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Directions Edit

  1. Wash pork chops under cold running water.
  2. Pat dry with a paper towel and season with adobo making sure to rub in good on both sides.
  3. Place in a covered bowl or glass dish and refrigerate over night or at least 4 hours (preferably over night).
  4. Heat pan with olive oil on high heat and place as many chops that will fit.
  5. Brown on both sides and then reduce heat to medium.
  6. Let cook for about 15 minutes on each side.
  7. Remove from pan and place in a warm oven while the remaining chops are cooking.
  8. This is a great compliment to any rice dish.

Notes Edit

For those of you that are worried about the fat content of this dish, you can substitute the oven or the broiler for the frying pan. Just make sure to watch they you don't over cook the meat after all we are looking for a nice moist piece of meat not shoe leather.

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