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About Cinnamon cap mushroom Edit

Cinnamon cap mushroom has an Asian origin, more precisely, a Japanese background, but it is found in all the Midwestern cuisines. This specie is among the favorite Japanese mushrooms, as it has a nutty flavor and it goes very well with red wines. The scientific name of this specie is hypholoma sublatertium and its appearance is unique, due to its chestnut color and intense yellow edges. The top of the mushroom resembles the cinnamon color and the stern is rather white or ivory. The cinnamon cap mushroom kit might be confused with the nameko mushroom, as they have similar shapes. Still, the cinnamon cap grows in clusters and it is smaller in size. This specie of mushrooms has a firm flesh and texture and the taste is a bit earthy when it is boiled for a long time.

There are many recipes that include the cinnamon cap mushroom, like the pasta with mushrooms and leeks, roast mushrooms with dressing, cream cinnamon cap soup, medallions of pork in mushroom sauce and mushroom stew.

Cinnamon cap mushroom Recipes Edit

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