Cippolini onion

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  • borettana onion

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Onions are known under the scientific name of allium cepa and they are among the most common aliments, which can be found in most of the national cuisines of the world. The cippolini onions, however, are specific to Italian cooking and cuisine and they are represented by smaller onions, which are relished for roasting and Kabobs. The onion can vary in colors, but the most common one is the yellow cippolini in a flatter shape. Other cippolini onions are golden or bronzed and they have a very intense flavor, but less hotness. The cippolini cepa is highly appreciated for its therapeutic qualities, too, as it a great toner, as it includes the vitamins A, B, C, various mineral salts, like sodium and phosphates.

Cippolini onion has various uses in many recipes and it is eaten fresh, fried, steamed, baked or boiled, for numerous salads, toppings, sauces and dips. Due to its Italian origin, the cippolini onion is used for the Italian specialties, such as pizzas, spaghettis and various pastas with meat and greens.

Cippolinis are small bittersweet bulbs that come from the grape hyacinth that look and taste like small, white onions. Fresh cippolinis are difficult to find in the U.S. They are available preserved in jars and are also known as wild onions.

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