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  1. Remove intestines from clam meat.
  2. Rinse in weak-salted water and drain.
  3. Cut off long, hairy ends of soy bean sprouts, wash, and drain.
  4. Discard tough stems from pre-soaked brackens.
  5. Cut off root and leaves from watercress and cut into 1½ inch pieces.
  6. Wash rice and soak in water for 1 hour.
  7. Cut red peppers in half, remove seeds, and chop.
  8. Add sesame oil to pan and saute clam meat on high heat.
  9. Add ground beef to clam meat and saute together.
  10. Add 2 cups (400 cc) water rice and bring to boil hard.
  11. Add soy bean sprouts and brackens and boil 10 minutes again, seasoning with soy sauce.
  12. Drain rice in colander, puree in blender, add chopped red peppers, and puree together.
  13. Add rice mixture to meat.
  14. When mixture thickens and binds together, add watercress and cook 1 minute until it is done.