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The cloudberry is a part of Rubus family, are its botanical name is Rubus chamaemorus. Cloudberry grows in bogs, mashes and wet meadows; generally in mountainous regions but it is sensitive to dry conditions. Cloudberries can be cultivated in artic areas unlike other fruits and it is considered a wild plant. The cloudberry plant grows to about 15 centimeters high and has five or seven soft, branchless stalks. The fruit of five to twenty five drupelets and when it is ripe it has a golden or yellow color. Cloudberry fruit is delicate, juicy and it is rich in vitamin C with a distinctive tart flavor. Because it is rich in vitamin c the fruit is consumed as protection against scurvy and because it also contains benzoic acid it is used for its preserving actions. The tea made of cloudberry leaves act against urinary tract infections. Cloudberries are also used for preparing jams, juices, tarts or liqueurs. People from Sweden use the fruits as an ice-cream topping while Canadians use them as a special ingredient to flavor one of their local beers. Due to its numerous benefits cloudberries are now cultivated all over Norway.

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