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Being a tropical ingredient, coconut is used to prepare an assortment of delectable dishes both savoury and sweet. Sweets and desserts made using coconut tastes amazing and will put a smile in your face due to its rich flavour which boasts a subtle sweetness. With the star ingredient being coconut, you can easily make this dish from the comfort of your home if you follow the instructions below and with a little bit of culinary know-how.


Grated Coconut                               600gm

Sugar                                              600gm

Vanilla essence                                 200ml

Mali-Melo Colouring                       one pinch

Condensed milk                               200gm

Nutmeg                                     2 teaspoons


·         Add in all the ingredients into a cooking pot preferably made out of iron and bring to a boil on the stove.

·         Let the mixture boil until the coconut is thoroughly cooked.

·         Once cooked empty the cooked mixture into 3 bowls 2 for the colours and one to have naturally coloured nougat.

·         Once the yellow and red coloured mixture is ready, place the coconut nougat back on the flames and add condensed milk for each of the coloured nougats (make sure that you cook it up to 10 minutes till it becomes sticky) follow the same procedures for the other two mixtures as well.

·         Use a spoon and scoop the mixtures on a baking tray.

·         Allow them to cool for 30 minutes.

·         Garnish with some mint leaves and serve the nougats on a banana leaf and enjoy.

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