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Comber is also known as Serranus cabrilla and belongs to the family Serranidae and it can be found especially in the Mediterranean Sea, while in the north of the Bay of Biscay it is uncommon. Adults can have a length of 30 meters. Comber feeds on crabs, small fishes, or prawns, and lives around the sea bed at depths of more than 20 meters. This fish can be described as having reddish with brownish blotches, 11 spiny spines on the first dorsal fin. There are some difficulties in trying to identify this species as the colour is not really a good guide to the identity of this fish. For instance, the Bluemouth that belongs to the family Scorpaenidae, can be distinguished by a blue mouth. Therefore, a conclusion which can be drawn concerning Comber is the fact that it is a new and, in the same time, an unusual fish.

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