Conger Eel

About Conger eel Edit

Connger eel is an Atlantic fish and the name comprizes eight distinct species from which Conger oceanicus is the largest and also the most common. The Conger is a bottom feeder eating a large variety of live foods. It is distinguished from other fish by its large size, but also by its color characteristics. However, coloring depends a lot on the type of the habitat. For instance, if they live in a rocky area, their skin is dark gray with pale underparts, while the Conger eel that lives in a sandy area has a light-gray brown color. The Conger eel breeding cycle is still unclear because of the extremely large distances the fish travel in order to spawn. However, it is believed that the Conger fish travel to sub-tropical areas where they spawn at depths of 10,000 to 12,000 ft. It takes about 2 years for the transparent larvae to reach the shores. At this point they have about 3 inches and only by the time they are 12 inches their skin is completely colored.

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