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Cooked Herring with lemon Sauce and Potato Ring

Cooked Herring with Lemon Sauce and Potato Ring


Potato RING :

lemon SAUCE:


Peel potatoes and cook until soft. Drain and mash or rice the potatoes. Cover bread with milk and let stand for a few minutes. Mix together the potatoes, grated Onion, bread, and milk. Season with salt and pepper. Add melted butter and beaten egg yolks. Beat egg whites stiff and fold in. butter a ring mold and sprinkle with bread crumbs. Put Potato mixture into mold and bake in a moderate oven (375F) until nicely browned. Turn out on serving platter. While Potato ring is baking, clean, bone, rinse and fillet Herring. (Frozen Herring fillets may be used.) Cut fillets in pieces and cook in boiling salted water only until tender. Carefully remove and drain Herring and place in center of Potato ring. Pour lemon sauce over Herring and serve. For lemon sauce: Melt butter or margarine and add flour. Stir until well blended. Add broth slowly, stirring constantly. Beat egg yolks and add salt. Add to sauce, a little at a time, stirring briskly. Do not boil after eggs are added. Add strained lemon juice.

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