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Cooking with honey Edit

Using honey in your cooking can be an asset. When baking any pastry a tablespoon of honey will keep your pastry fresh longer because honey is hygroscopic. This means that it draws moisture from the air, which keeps your pastries from drying out. Honey also enables you to reduce the liquid in your cooking. Reduce any liquid called for in your recipe by ¼ for every cup of honey you use. Be careful though, honey can cause over-browning so be sure to reduce the temperature of your oven by 25°F.

To substitute honey for sugar try the following:

  • Approximately ⅞ cup of honey is equal to 1 cup of sugar.
  • 1 x 12 oz jar of honey equals a standard measuring cup.
  • Try substituting half of the sugar in your recipe with honey. Eventually, with experimentation, you can replace all of the sugar with honey.
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