cornmeal mush With Cheese


In 4 Quart Heavy Pan, Bring water to Boil. Add SaltAnd Remove From Stove. Stirring Constantly, Slowly

Sprinkle in cornmeal. Stir Until You Have no Lumps.Return to Stove And Bring to Boil. Simmer For

Approximately 20 Minutes (or Until Thick). Stir Often.

In 8 x 8 Inch Glass Baking Dish, Melt butter in OvenPreheated to 350 Degrees. Spoon in 1/2 of The mush ToCover Bottom of Dish. Add 1/2 sour cream, SpreadingOver mush. Add 1/2 Cheeses, Spreading Evenly. LayerAgain, mush, sour cream And Cheese. Place in Oven

Until Cheeses Are Melted And Slightly Browned on Top.Serve Immediately.


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