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About Cranberry sauce[]

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Cranberry sauce is a sauce or relish made out of Cranberries.

The Cranberries are boiled with sugar and often other ingredients such as orange juice or zest. Cranberry sauce may be condensed or jellied and thus shaped like a cylinder due to the shape of steel cans that often contain the sauce, or may be loose and uncondensed. In the UK, cranberry sauce is often eaten in conjunction with turkey for Christmas dinner, and it is only rarely eaten in other contexts.

In the U.S., most cranberry sauce (and cranberry products in general) is produced by the company Ocean Spray.

Cooking Cranberry sauce[]

One of the most important elements that define any fruit preparation method today involves the cooking time. The faster you can cook a certain fruit, the more popular it is, it seems. Cranberry sauces are mostly used for filling for cakes and pastry items, but there are diverse ways of preparing them. Compotes using this fruit are often very popular in many cuisines and the nutritious values of Cranberry sauces are often saved through smart preservation techniques. While in most cases, preparing Cranberry sauces for a dessert or a drink will not take more than a few minutes, you can also boil them and use them as such in various main meals and desserts. When boiling, you should also take into consideration the particular type of Cranberry sauce you are using, as some are firmer than others and take longer to prepare.

There are so many ways in which you can use Cranberry sauces in your culinary arts. Cranberry sauce preparation methods and dish types differ from one region to another, and many people are experiencing this fruit in a totally different way than what they were used to when they taste a national cuisine dish belonging to another country. Most of the dishes containing Cranberry sauces are desserts and snacks, but some countries also use them in combination with salty items such as meat or Fruits. Cranberry sauces are widely appreciated in many national cuisines, and this is clearly seen in the diversity of methods that chefs all over the world created for their preparation.

As with any fruit, you can get ridiculously expensive Cranberry sauces or ordinary decently priced ones. Depending on what type of dish you are preparing, you might want to adjust your cooking budget to the type of Cranberry sauces you need. In general, the cost of Cranberry sauces is perfectly acceptable by any standards and they are often considered some of the most accessible fruits you can use in your fruit salads or deserts. Depending on different cuisines and regions of the world, Cranberry sauces may be considered a common fruit or a delicacy. Most European countries, for example, don’t see Cranberry sauces as an expensive and hard-to-get fruit, bur some African countries might rarely use them in their traditional dishes. Although in extreme cases Cranberry sauces will not be available at all, because of imports, many countries that don’t traditionally grow them always have a full and fresh supply of Cranberry sauces on the fruit market.

Cranberry sauce Recipes[]